SolanaSail Project Update for the Month of November 2021

  1. SolanaSail Partnership with @ProjectLarix : Since SolanaSail aims to facilitate real-time global payments at competitive rates that will include Defi lending and borrowing it’s no brainer for the team to partner with Larix-the ultimate lending gateway on Solana.

2. Chess Tournament : Did I hear Play2Earn?🤑 Oh yes! 😉.

$SAIL Play to earn utility is live!! This utility allows sail holders to play games and earn SAIL while having fun playing games .

Our first sailchess tournament starts on Nov 27th 2021. A prize pool of 2000 gSAIL is set out to reward the winners. You can still train freely on our discord server for 2 more days. If you have completed the form, make sure you are qualified!

Link to the tournament :

3. Governance Dao: Our much awaited governance platform is live!!. We currently have 3 proposals ongoing . Our governance platform gives sailors equal right to create proposals and in voting for or against a proposal using their GSAIL. Fair right? Absolutely!😉

The beauty of it is that you do not loose your GSAIL used in voting. After the voting period is over you can withdraw your GSAIL back to your wallet. Your GSAIL is your decision making power, hold it with diamond hands 😎.

4. TipSailBot Party:

We had our first #TipSailBot party last week Saturday . As expected our bot was able to handle the stress load thrown at it. The bot did not crash even when rains of SAIL n gSAIL of 40 recipient per second was assigned to it, it delivered as expected 🔥.

We know how addicting our tip party can be but hey we work hard so it’s pretty cool when we play harder once in a while 😉.

Worry not if you missed our tip party last week, there will be more tip party to come as we sail along ⛵

5. Discord invite contest: We will be having our discord invite contest in a not-so-distant time. Our product(s) is live. It will be nice to tell your friends about us and what we are bringing to Solana Blockchain. Reward 🤔? We’ve got some juicy rewards 💰🎁 🤑 for our top invites 😉.

PS: The team is not relenting , we continue to build our products and deliver on our promises based on our roadmap. Stay with us and it will be worth it at the end.

SAIL is the first ever utility token build on Solana blockchain and fully distributed to the community.