SolanaSail Project Update

A lot has happened in last couple of weeks.

  1. We partnered with Atrix and are proud to use the first ever Permissionless pool farming on AtrixProtocol.

We launched 2 farming pools with rewards in $gSAIL and $BTC (Bitcoin).

SAIL and gSAIL holders can now provide and farm in any of these pools:



and enjoy juicy rewards in $gSAIL and $BTC 😉 respectively. We have made it easy for our holders to enjoy farming rewards using our main utility token SAIL and governance token gSAIL without pairing with USDC.

2. #TipSailBot: We completed beta test for our tipsailbot, released it as open-sourced:

and submitted it for #Solana #Ignition #Hackathon.


Intro: Our TipSailBot for Discord is a simple and easy to use bot which allows any discord members of a server (with specific role) to tip and receive tips. Since it is open-sourced any team that build on solana can update and use it for their discord/SPL token with a requirement to hold 1 SAIL and 1 gSAIL to be able to tip other discord members.

TipSailBot users get their private keys from the bot when they register a new tipsailbot wallet. This private key can then be imported in a phantom, sollet, C98, MathWallet….. That way the user has control of his tipsailbot wallet.We do not store on file or database the private keys.

3. Play2Earn Battleship Game:

We just released Beta of the first ever Discord #PlayToEarn games built using solana web3.js and fully integrated with our #tipsailbot

💰Win $SAIL with SAILBattleship #P2E


4. Governance Dao: Beta tests of gSAIL #Governance #DAO is on going and yes we used most of the @mangomarkets DAO code😉

5. We now have a YouTube channel. Check it out here 👇

SAIL is the first ever utility token build on Solana blockchain and fully distributed to the community.